the german company for manufacturing batteries

German Battery in brief ...
German company for the manufacture of batteries - an Egyptian company under the Investment Law.
Production began the company with the end of 2005.
Management and factories are located in the city of new salhiya province north-east of the eastern town of Zagazig - and about 40 km west of Ismailia on the road to Port Said.
Batteries produced and during the period from the beginning of production gained respect and trust of the consumer and the Egyptian market due to its outstanding performance.
German batteries mean the high quality of it is produced using raw materials from the best sources - which are subject to regular testing and assessment programs.
The company produces automotive batteries in various models ranging from 35 AH battery - and even the battery 220 AH.
The company produces two types of batteries - liquid and dry (zero-maintenance) and using the latest methods and technologies for production of batteries according to the global technology.
Are using the best and finest types of raw materials globally and locally and commensurate with the nature of the Egyptian airspace is relatively warm.
Quality systems on the various stages of manufacturing (medium - final) makes high-quality German batteries.
The company has an integrated system for the work of the necessary tests on the batteries either in the test devices or using cars for the work of real and virtual experiences to meet customer requirements and to maintain the high quality of the product.
Activities of the company ....
Produce Batteries for various models of passenger cars and half-trucks and trucks and tractors.
Produce liquid batteries (selenium).
Reproduction dry batteries - zero maintenance (calcium).
The company produces batteries under the following names.
Adler German - DODRAC BATTERY - SP super power - FALDA

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